Easy Tips to Enjoy Your Visit to Instanbul

Plan Your Visit Well to Make the Most Out of Your Time

Istanbul is a vast city, and there’s a lot to explore in a limited time, so planning is a must. Make a list of the places you want to visit in advance and prepare a schedule for going there. Some of the places you must include in your list are:



Be Ready to Delve into the Rich History of the City

Visiting Istanbul is very desirable for travelers because of its rich history that covers thousands of years. You can estimate the importance of this city from the fact that the capitals of both the Ottoman Empire and the Roman Kingdom were in the Istanbul metropolis.


Have You Ever Been to a Mosque? Do Visit One in Istanbul

Tourists are allowed to enter the mosques during a non-prayer time. As you get ready to visit a mosque, you are advised to dress modestly. That means covering your knees and shoulders at all times. If you don’t have a wrap at the time when you visit a mosque, you might borrow one from a designated section as most mosques in Turkey lend it.


Learn Basic Phrases for Communication

If you don’t know Turkish language, chances are you’ll do fine just by knowing English. Most of the young generation of Turks know English. But if you find sign-boards and menus at restaurants in Turkish, you can use an online service to translate Turkish to English. Besides, it’s advisable to learn some basic Turkish phrases. While the letters look like English, many of them are pronounced differently. Find some of the useful phrases below:


  • Merhaba means Hello
  • Good morning is said as Gunaydin
  • Hoşçakal is the word for Goodbye.
  • Sağ Ol is used to say Thank You.


Some Popular Items from Turkish Cuisine to Try

Turkish cuisines are popular all over the world for their unique blend of tastes and their exotic appeal. Turkish pomegranates and Turkish delights are particularly highly admired by the tourists. Make sure you get some doners as you wander around in the streets of Istanbul – it’s the Turkish equivalent of a Greek gyro.


H2: Tips on Traveling within Istanbul

You get different options to travel from the airport in Istanbul to your destination in the city. You’ll easily find taxis and shuttle buses at the airport, but they are costly. If you want to save money, using the taxis outside the airport is a better option as they are decent and at the same time, a little cheaper. You may also use a combination of trams and subways. They are not only affordable but also help you save time as the traffic on the roads doesn’t impact their mobility.


The Best Options for Accommodation in Istanbul

You may be confused about where to stay in the city. The best hotel is the one that provides you with maximum closeness to the places you plan to visit in the city. Travelers can easily find multiple cheap hotels in Istanbul near the Hippodrome. They are usually the top choice of the tourists because they are near the Blue Mosque as well as the Hagia Sophia.


Things to Pack in Your Bag as You Get Ready to Travel

The gadgets and accessories a traveler needs depend upon his/her personal preferences. However, at the very least, you should have certain items in your bag. Every traveler should have:


  • A pair of sneakers.
  • Three pairs of shorts and T-shirts.
  • A high-resolution camera.


Have Maximum Enjoyment in Istanbul with a Well-Planned Trip

Sort out the hotel (s) you’ll stay in and study the bus routes well. Just keep some cash on the side for your essentials. Visit Istanbul from April to August, and you’ll find the best weather in the whole year. That’s a time when it’s neither too hot nor too cold.